OK, brace yourself, here we go!

Fighting 15s and Gladiator Miniatures are open for business again after a break of one month. We are using a new base website address of fighting15s.com, and our previous website addresses of fighting15s.co.uk, gladiatorminiatures.co.uk, and fighting15sshop.co.uk now point there – or will point here eventually!

We have made a complete break from our webshop provider of 15 years, EKM, to new software. Frankly, this is going to get time to get used to, so the order process might be slightly hiccupy while we find our feet. Please bear with us – we're dealing with the strange, weird and unfamiliar!

The break from EKM means that everything you're used to seeing will be different: emails confirming processing and dispatch have changed, and are not quite as personal as we'd like them to be. However, the new website design is something we're proud of, and we will further develop it to make finding and displaying the products you want even easier.

During June, we managed to create and edit more than 500 new pictures for the website, transforming the Flags section and updating the restored Coat d'arms Paints section.

We made some progress on new photographs for Martian Empires, but still have new pictures for more than 1,000 Gladiator Miniatures figures to take, which we regret will be slow work. Unfortunately age, eyesight and a recurring RSI problem mean that working time at a computer is limited to what is comfortable. It therefore takes about a day to ink figures, take, edit and upload 10 new pictures to a commercially acceptable standard if we do absolutely nothing else. Obviously, we have orders to fulfil and they take priority at all times.

So we apologise if products are yet to show new or improved pictures, but we are working on them. Already, a number of Gladiator Miniatures figures are shown beautifully painted, the work of painters including myself, Martin Stephenson and Jon Atter, not only showing the figures to their best, but also providing what we hope are inspirational painting guides.

Our new website has been created and is hosted by Andy Cummings of Tradestands, which hosts a number of UK wargames businesses, and we'd like to thank him for his work, advice and patience during the set-up stages.

Unfortunately, not all our news about reopening is good: the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means we are offering only courier services to some international destinations, particularly the USA and Canada, and have suspended deliveries entirely to others, including non-EU Europe. Although orders have been arriving, they have been taking seven to 10 weeks to arrive, leading to PayPal disputes. We will review this as the global situation changes.

Fighting 15s and Gladiator Miniatures