Over the years ‘Warchests’ together with clear bases have been some of our most popular items. As we have received requests from customers we have developed more and more inserts, so that we now have a range that covers pretty much any figure base size that you could imagine. However, since we became show stockists for Sloppy Jalopy we have been searching for a good solution for safely storing and transporting model vehicles.

This week, we have added a Warchest Insert for Vehicles to the range. This is made from 3mm Medite and consists of two rails which are glued to the side of a Warchest and a set of four movable dividers that can be slotted into the rails. This insert will fit our 70mm, 100mm and 120mm high Warchests and can of course be combined with a clear front panel and clear lid if required.
Click here for full details. Warchest Insert - Vehicles