We are pleased to announce that we will be bringing two new products with us to Crisis on the 1st November.

The first is an extension to the colour selections available in our carry cases and that is Camouflage.
This available in our Mini, Midi and Maxi case size as standard, and will be available in our Super, Barbarian and Legion cases only by special order.

The next line is a completely new case and in response to many requests.
This new case is the Battalion Case. It is made of high density plastic and is capable of carrying up to 4 Figures In Comfort trays. These trays are selected by the customer and with our tray 4a, you would be able to carry up to 144 28mm figures.
These cases are available in a variety of colours, so you will be able to colour code your storage system to the armies you frequently carry.

So pop along to stand 3B03 at Crisis and see the new ranges.