Cheers gamers.

I am super excited to announce the first of a series of army books for the Nordic Weasel "Fringe-Space" settings.

In the book you get:

*Background information covering "Unity", the main human organization encompassing virtually all of human-settled space.

*Full army list for Clash on the Fringe. Field a total of 5 different character types, 8 types of squad and 5 vehicles, along with new weapons and traits.

*Full army list for LaserStorm. Wage war for mankind on a large scale. Includes notes on campaign play and troop organization.

*5 characters to drop right into any FiveCore or Five Parsecs scenario.

*A 2 page "Colony generator", letting you randomly roll up a quick colony for use in skirmish scenarios or role playing campaigns.

All in all, 44 pages of gaming goodness. Even if you do not intend to use the Fringe-Space setting, the army lists can be used as generic human forces in both Clash and LaserStorm.