Tiny Terrain Models are pleased to announce the release of the first pack in their new range of 28mm metal miniatures for modern wargames.

The range, which is sculpted by Phil Lewis, aims to bring to gamers what we call “scenario specific” miniatures and is focussed on specialists from the modern battlefield. The range is designed to complement your existing forces and we hope allow you to add an extra dimension to your skirmish games by providing miniatures which can be used to achieve specific scenario objectives such as rescuing hostages, or blowing up a rebel held ammo dump. The range of miniatures are not tied to any particular ruleset and may be used in any modern theatre such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa or South America.

The first release, which is available from today is “Pack 01 –SF Medic”, and includes a Special Forces Medic, a casualty on stretcher and a large medic bag. RRP is £8.50 for the 3 miniatures.

Packs 2 and 3 have already been sculpted and are currently in production. These packs are Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, and Intelligence Officers respectively, and will be released in May and June this year. Pack 4 (Raven drone and operators) is currently being sculpted, with a release planned for June. Our aim is to release a new pack every month.

We are also very pleased to announce that Tiny Terrain Models have partnered with both Battlestudios and Evilbear Wargames who will distribute our products. Battlestudios will be carrying the full range of our miniatures at the major UK shows and are now taking pre-show orders for Salute. Evilbear Wargames have been appointed our sole online distributor for the new range. Both companies already have stock available of our first release “Pack 01 –SF Medic”.

 For further information on Tiny Terrain Models please contact: Craig Thomson, Tiny Terrain Models, Email: [email protected]