Ancient treasures, crumbling ruins and evil Nazis trying to get the loot before you do.

This is FiveCore Pulp Adventure, hope you kept your Mauser pistol loaded.

This is a complete, stand-alone game using a modified FiveCore system to power exciting adventure campaigns.

Build a party of characters with their own backgrounds and set out to find great treasures.

Gain skills, face off against angry tribes and sinister government agents, fight off looters and more in the style of classic pulp fare such as Indiana Jones and modern takes like Tomb Raider and Uncharted.

The game engine has been expanded to feature a new turn sequence, more dynamic reactions and the new Cinematic Movement system allowing characters to jump, swing, climb and scamper around the terrain features like never before.

Other included features include multiple character classes from dashing heroes to hopeless hangers-on, solo guidelines and an encounter generator.

The game uses individually based figures and is suitable for any scale you like to use.

All dice in game-play are D6 but D10 are needed to use the encounter and campaign tables.

The rules are compatible with all FiveCore products but are completely stand-alone and do NOT require any other purchase.