Phil’s been busy lately, designing a large number of new buildings and fortifications for the Small Scale Scenery range. While I’m away on holiday we thought it would be a good time to have a Fort Week, showcasing one of his new forts and castles each day.

We’re starting with Matara Star Fort, an 18th century edifice built by the Dutch in Matara, Sri Lanka. It was built to protect the main fort at Matara from landward attacks, following a successful assault by Singhalese forces in 1762. It has a rather unusual 6-sided plan with a central building and courtyard, and mounted 12 cannon with interleaving fields of fire. It was originally known as Redoubte Van Eck after the local Dutch governer, and was handed over to the British at the end of the century without seeing action.

SSS-8174 – Matara Star Fort – £2.50