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Guy Farrish

The Memoirs of Robert Carey/Cary Earl of Monmouth c1560-1639 are one of Fraser’s best sources and although as he says, difficult to get hold of in the original, thanks to the Internet and the fact they are way out of copyright, they are now available for free:

Robert Cary Memoirs

Carey was a warden of the Marches in the 1590s and gives a feel for his experience of the region in the heyday of the border families and their entrepreneurial approach to wealth creation and redistribution in a transnational situation (The Farrishes from Dumfries were only small fry your honour and seem only to have rustled a few sheep and not cattle, hardly ever, oh no, not us your Lordship, nothing to see here.)


OB – thanks, I had forgotten your kind offer! Those are definitely the chaps, keep digging!