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You mean like this? Moseley Which has the man addressing a rally in Manchester. I’m really struggling to keep apolitical on this one, but I have to say that I was…surprised?…at the comments on the video wishing he had been leader and how much better off Britain woud have been, if he had been. Playing a game with his lot as a ‘faction’ seems odd to me, but to ban a video about a game and allow this video and its comments to stand, is definitely a double standard.

I’m aware the audio remains available elsewhere on YouTube. The article stated as much. I’m asking for different reasons.

YouTube’s behaviour in this matter is certainly a double standard. Certainly indicative of the dysfunctional and ham-fisted self-policing of the online media and social media giants (which is the true concern of the people running the website that published the article, and a legitimate concern it is, though also a complex one).


If the video was removed for containing audio deemed by a YouTube employee to be hate speech, then, regardless of whether or not YouTube has inconsistently allowed other videos with the same audio, does the outrage really connect to the hobby in any meaningful way? Or is the hobby connection just a random, inconsequential coincidence? That is, a case of a video with hobby content being removed for difficult-to-handle reasons that weren’t to do with the hobby content?

Remember, this is a thread with a title that suggests, hyperbolically I’m afraid, that we model makers are being treated as criminals because we’re model makers. That’s the context I’m writing this reply in.

I’m not convinced that anyone is out to get us.