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I’ve always wanted to play a game where I’m an air traffic controller moving planes around an airbase and getting them ready

I could swear there is an old game for PC that does just this, though I believe it’s carrier based.  I know there’s air traffic control games, though that’s civilian and not military.

Anyone else have these weird ideas?

many moons ago we were playing D&D and because of the random encounter tables we kept having to fight giants.  Led to an interesting conversation about the impact giants would have on the environment and ecosystems, which then led to talk about a board or tabletop game that had to do with giants basically trying to gather enough food and resources and whatnot to survive in a world designed for much tinier beings while also not upsetting the tinies so much that they come after the biguns.  We were very excited about it at the time, but nothing came of it, and after 20 years I have zero interest.

I also recall wanting to make a complex submarine war game after seeing Hunt For Red October.  Funny that the movie was more motivation than the book.  BUt anywhooo, just in discussions it got way too complex so we thought about making one a little more sci-fi like. But then a game called “Subwar 2050” came out for PC and we had what we were sort of talking about.  Would have been hell to do on a tabletop, especially as you’d have needed adjustible stands and some way to make halo and thermoclines.

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."