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Just Jack

Dave – Thanks man, and yeah, I’m pretty happy with the overall look.  It’s kinda simple and perhaps plain, but I like the nice, clean look of it.  And yeah, I’m trying to weave some real-life history into it, while following my fake fighter squadrons 😉  On another forum a guy asked why I let the Lexington get hit so hard; the real ships are going to have things go according to real life.

John – Yes, it did, and me too!

Thomaston – Yes, you’re absolutely right about the disparity in pilot experience/capability, it was always going to be nasty, I was just hoping it wouldn’t be that nasty 😉  As time goes by (Coral Sea – Midway – Santa Cruz – Eastern Solomons) the table I use to roll up Japanese pilot rating will begin to skew towards the less capable, following real life with the Japanese losing tons of experienced aircrews as carriers were sunk.  What did Warwell do different regarding defensive fire?

Darby – Absolutely not using real-life formation/wingman tactics has an affect, but I don’t really want to mess with it as the whole point of these rules is to have a simple, action-oriented, fighter pilot-driven free for all.