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Nathaniel Weber

Leader Traits Table

All untested.


—remove the specifically fantasy leader traits

—remove the weak leader traits (there were lousy daimyo and samurai commanders, but that’s not why we’re playing a samurai game with a rip-roaring dice-chucker rule set, is it?!?)

—try to not make anything tooooo powerful

Your Busho rolls on the Leader Traits Table (in Dragon Rampant, that’s only page 10).

Count results 3-6 as Plentiful Heirs (1 samurai in your hatamoto counts as a CV4 leader, in addition to the busho: one of your busho’s sons has accompanied him to the battle)

Count result 9 as Plentiful Koku (add 2 retainers–koku was the measurement that daimyo used to determine how many troops their samurai had to bring to the fight)

Count result 17 as Plentiful Shinobi (your shinobi, samurai infiltrators, wreaked havoc on enemy logistics; the enemy loses half of their retainers, rounding down, to a minimum of 1 retainer lost)