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Dave Crowe

Well John, thanks for your insight, I certainly do struggle to keep my radio chat strictly on period. The English speaking lads are hard enough to voice never mind the Germans.

Navy Yard/Dockyard potato potato. It’s blown up now anyway. I’ll maybe rebuild it as a dockyard.

My inclusion of American Red Cross volunteers is based on the fact that they set up service clubs in England long before the US declared war. It was the success and expansion of this early project that would lead to clubmobiles in Europe later on. I did a big Red Cross in 6mm project that you can see over on the WW2 forum page.

Sailor Malan in stripes. An indefensible blunder from my early days of painting planes. Not sure how I managed to do that and had never though to question it til now. So thanks for that. I can feel a repaint coming on.