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Brian Handley

Mark, you were unfortunate.  I have a cheap Monoprice Select Mini V2 and it rarely clogs.

You realise you have turned to the dark side.  Everything from LEGO men to spare parts for gadgets at home.

I even print some of my own 12mm figures.   Not to everybodies taste as there is minimal detai,l as there should be at 1/144.  However they don’t look stupid as do many metal ones when lined up against the vehicle they are supposed to climb in.  Mine  look like they might just be able to get in.  With metal figures ist looks farcical.   3D printing lets you do wargameing the way you want too.

In the last week I have printed 20 odd vehicles 10 T72’s and 10 APC’s  so about £70  in metal for the price of maybe £5  in plastic.   You know what they say “Onece you have had plastic you never go back”.