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Gone Fishing

A Road Warrior project is one of the half dozen or so hobby projects that I often think about but have shied away from doing. Two things throw me: one is the dithering between what scale to do it in, 20mm or 28mm – on the one hand the ease and availability of the smaller scale are most attractive – Matchbox cars are really cheap, and the table size could be smaller but still accommodate fun games – then there are the very nice offerings from Ramshackle and Stan Johaneson to drool over; on the other hand, 28’s are more appealing visually and there are some nice figures out there, though the cars themselves are a bit of a problem. It’s a head-scratcher for me.

The second thing is that I’d like to model any such collection on The Road Warrior film, and so guns and such should be very rare. In that light, most ranges on offer seem a little “gunned-up.” It surprises me there aren’t more figures – especially punk and bondage types – armed only with primitive weapons like chains, blades, clubs with nails driven through them, etc. Maybe I need to hunt around more or think about doing some conversions. Anyway, one of these days I might get around to it…