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Fredd Bloggs

1390+ full plate was close to arrow proof, but, you had to walk in it from out of range to stand next to the archer to fight him. You had narrow visibility slots, as wide ones would let arrows in once in aimed range, the archer was more nimble and carried weapons that could hurt you, so you had to stay in tight formation, and there were even fewer of you in the armour than archers. And if you went to ground, you were out of it or dead. And this is ignoring his full plated men hitting you, and the less well armed men at arms shucking you out of it like an oyster with his polearm.

The bow alone did not win battles, the combined arms did. At crecy, poitiers and agincourt, it was the english knights, sarjeants and men at arms who delivered the winning blows, after the archers had softened them up and broken the formations.