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Thanks very much Jack.  The table itself was okay, and I was quite pleased that IMHO I managed to reduce the battlefield a lot but not lose too much of the flavour of Quatre Bras.  It is the photos themselves which disappoint, since I am playing in a garage with very limited natural light and not particularly powerful or friendly artificial light.  Since it looks like I am stuck there for games with take more than a couple of hours (including setting up), I probably need to invest in something to help the photography.

Now you mention it, it has been a while since I did a British & Allies vs. French match-up.  And it has been even longer since the Spanish, Russian and Prussian toy soldiers got a slot at the table!  So little time…

It was a very enjoyable game but I notice that the French are always going to have a hard time winning this one with the Polemos rules.  In the Quatre Bras scenario, the great French advantage is in cavalry but I think that the Polemos rules are quite infantry friendly: if one of the assumptions of the rules is that generally speaking unit commanders will get their troops into the right formation, that is a much bigger bonus for the infantry than the cavalry.  The games of my youth (Newbury, Bruce Quarrie, WRG 1685-1845) quite often revolved around trying to catch infantry in the wrong formation with cavalry, and frontal charges seemed a lot more likely to succeed!  How fashions change…