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Just Jack

Whirlwind John -Regarding the US Armored Rifle Company, that’s a big part of what’s bringing me back to BKC; what other rules do you see that sort of thing happen (hint: 5Core can do it with ‘scurries,’ but that’s all I know of).

I finally have the gear and the scenarios, hope to have the rules squared away soon.

Kyote John – I’ve told you man, I don’t mind playing for four hours, but I better have got 3-4 games in.

Thomaston – Just you, buddy!

I think the road network looks okay overall, but they’re way too large and thick for 6mm, I need to order some appropriate roads (from Fat Frank again, they’re awesome!).

Yeah, the King Tigers’ performance left a lot to be desired.  Getting piece-mealed into the fight against the US tank destroyers was not optimal, but after the Pz IV company got whacked, I understand why he did it.  I talked to him about maneuver warfare concepts, particularly “we do not reinforce failure,” that if he’d have just used the King Tigers to keep pounding (and easily destroy) the US roadblock, his Panther Company would have arrived in Trois Ponts even sooner, either compelling the US forces on the north to fall back or be cut off and destroyed.

He won anyway…