SKIRMISH RULES FOR ABOUT 10 FIGURE WARBANDS SWORD SHIELD BOW SPEAR CATAPULT CAVALRY GUNS GAMES by Mark Ainsworth ref140867 and icosahedron152 from rpol.net playtested & some improvements by Thomaston at http://www.thewargameswebsite.com
the games are played with small numbers of figures like warbands.
These rules have NO! record keeping, any effects are to push back, Kill, or knock over(unconscious) units. there meant to be simple but be able to simulate many things.

when one side gains the initiative they get five initative chits, each action or move or combat reduces initiative chits by one, when you have no chits , initiative passes to the other side and they get five chits. you can also lose initative im combat by rolling badly.
Actions are things a unit does like climbing, swimming, breaking down a door,hiding, sneaking, spotting detecting hidden things or units,use magic for things like raising a dead monster like skelitens, blocking a magic effect, setting things on fire, putting fires out, building defensive positions. or any action like these.

If any action is taken, your are treated as if your are moving, this means the enemy can use ranged fire and have leader asistance. you must also lose all initiative chits.

action sucess is determined by a skill test by rolling two D6s, and extra D6 for a Hero and an extra D6 for matching the ready roll, and an extra D6 for having equipment(you roll a D6, if you get 6 you have equipment), and you get an extra D6 for being helped .. if you get over four you suceeded, you also gain extra successes for every 4, so 8 would be 2 successes. For opposing skill tests you compare results, if you get even you badly lose so apply appropriate punushment, if you get plus one you just got through with no result, if you get plus three you succeeded apply rewards, if you get plus four or over succeeded by far apply rewards.

if you try to do something beyond what you would expect the unit to do, reduce the number of D6s yu roll for the skill test by 4, so hope you have the equipment.

when you do an action roll a d6 and compare the action to the ready roll, if the action fits the ready you get an extra D6 to roll for the skill test. for example if a pirate attempts to hide roll a D6 if it matches 3 for stealth you get to roll 3 D6s for the skill test. you then roll an equipment roll D6 on a score of 6 you het an extra D6 for your skill roll



There are two catagories of units, Combat units & Leaders, you can have any type of unit in the combat catagory, but you can only have a foot or cavalry unit in the Leaders catagory(leaders cant use ranged weapons).
a cobat unit attacks with a D10, you can add more d10s to the attack for certain things, but you only choose one for the combat effect, so if you rolled 3 D10s because your on a hill and are elite, then you roll 3 d10s and choose witch one to use. you get d8 or a d6 for a d4 or negative number of combat d10s
if you get into a negative number of d10s, negative 1 you go to a d8, negative 2 you got to a d6, negative 3 you got to a d4, the list of results gets smaller increasing the possability of losing iniative
each d10 combat roll has a differrent effect,
1 lose initiative, play passes to other side
2 Your Unit killed
3 Your Unit KO’d
4 Your unit pushed back 12 inches
—————————————————————————————–1D4 line (negative 3 dice)
5 Your unit pushed back 1 inch
6 You remain locked in Melee, you may continue turn, or reattack
—————————————————————————————–1D6 line (negative 2 dice)
7 Foe pushed back 1 inch
8 Foe pushed back 12 inches
—————————————————————————————–1D8 line (negative 1 dice)
9 Foe KO’d
0 Foe killed

each leader can roll a d6 to aid an attack or to help defend a unit, if leader is in a 12 inch range, only one leader per side may
participate in a attack, but may participate in as many attack that occure in range.
each d6 Leader roll has a differrent effect,
1 lose initative, play passes to other side
2 add an attack dice to an attack roll
3 stop a 1 inch pushback
4 stop a 12 inch pushback
5 remove a dice from attack
6 Heal an unconsouse unit within a 7 inch range
the game is played by initiative, whoever has it can move and attack, but the other side can roll for leaders in each attack, or fire ranged units at any moving unit, ranged units can fire every time a unit moves BUT only with one attack dice. When a unit moves it must roll a D10 on a zero you lose the initiatve
a combat foot unit has 3 types light , medium, heavy. Light is just hand weapons like daggers & bows, swords or axes, Medium are pikes or spears, Heavy catapults etc..
Light combat units can move 12 inches.
Medium 8 inches
heavy 4 inches
a combat cavalry unit has 2 types light , heavy. Light is just hand weapons like bows, swords or axes, Heavy are lances or spears.
Light cavalry combat units can move 18 inches.
Heavy cavalry combat units 12 inches
each attack or leader combat roll has a base dice , plus or minus dice for advantages or disadvantages.
A cavalry combat base roll is one d10 against other cavalry units(but against foot a cavary unit can charge and gain 6 inches movement and light cavalry use two combat dice, Heavy get three combat dice)
a foot unit has one d10 as a base combat roll, plus or minus dice for differrent thigs. negative number of dice goes to a d8 , to a d6, and a d4
elite plus one d10
enemy elete minus one d10
on a hill plus one d10
attacking uphill minus one d10
pike against cavary plus one d10 (no d10 for ranged fire against cavary)
defender in trees minus one d10
defender behind cover minus one d10.
if attacker is Medium combat units you get an extra combat d10
if attacker is heavy combat units you get an extra two combat d10
if defender is Medium combat units you minus a combat d10
if defender is heavy combat units you minus a combat d10
ranges of ranged weapons
bow medium
crossbow short
pistol short
musket long
spear short
sling short
catapult extra long
very short 4 inches
short 7 inches
medium 11 inches
long 15 inches
extra long 20 inches
if any unit moves into difficult terrain it must stop, then next time it moves at half speed untill it leaves the terrain.
cavalry may not charge in forests
cavalry may not charge if defender is behind cover
cavary may not attack over hard cover
any roll that loses initative, does lose initiative, you dont get to choose a differrent die, so a 1 on a d10 d8 or d6 will lose iniative.
if a ranged unit fires while an enemy is moving, or in a combat attack BUT its not in close range of an enemy and gets an attacker killed result, you ignore it as a miss.
if a unit is in base to base combat & loses the initiative, then the unit step apart 2inches.
every combat roll has a minimum of a base dice which happens to be a d4 for negative 3, so negative thrree(d4) is the minimum combat roll
when you move into contact with the enemy you must roll for combat
if you dont have any d8s use all d10s(minimum of one d10 per combat roll)
if your using GUNs then you can attack with a GUN just like a sword in melee, you still get to fire when opponant moves.
chariots are classed as heavy, and attack like a mounted & can charge but movement is 12 inches 18 when charging, they are spear or bow,
if a figure is in base contact with a vehicle it can enter it as part of its movement, it can exit into base contact at then end of the vehicle move
if a unit enters dificult ground, movement is quartered.


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