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Thorsten Frank

Ok, to bring this old thread up again here are mine:

Science-Fiction. Mainly books but some movies and series (primarily B5, Firefly and currently the Expanse). And I´ve got a small knack for those old atomic-age movies.
Reading. Well, obvious (see above) but I´ve got a very broad band of interests beyond SF.
Video games. This is an on/off affair. I´ve got times when I play often and then weeks or months when I never start up a game.

Previously: Martial Arts. Done quite a few. Started with kick-boxing, then Pencak Silat, later Wing Chun and Escrima, and finally HEMA.
Motorcycling. That started harmless and ended on the tracks. Sadly both, motorbiking and MA, I´ve got to cancel due to time over the last 15 years and, tbh, couldn´t really afford motorcycling anymore. Well, still both are on my to-do list if times change.
RPGing and Boardgames. I still do both but very seldom (both not in 2019 and 2018 once). But I still do love reading lore.
Small scale farming. Again, due to time constraints I´ve got to end this.

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