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Thorsten Frank

I want to bring up another point here and that is regional diversity. “Classic” wargaming is largely an Anglo-Saxon affair with it´s primary market in the UK and secondary in the US and in the rest of the world mostly unknown (with a few exceptions).
I took a closer look at the local scene this year. There was one a convention here which was very small (15 tables and a handful salesman). It was the only one in a radius of 200km. Of the thirteen games 5 were 40k, 2 GW LOTR, 2 AoS, 1 X-Wing and the remaining three 2 Bolt Action and one medieval game I didn´t know yet. And additional two Scythe games.
Same for the only regular gaming club I´ve found so far in a radius of 150km in a different location. The majority of the games played there are 40k, LOTR and a few BA. The players drive a lot of kilometres to play there even from cities I guessed had own clubs (and as I found out they didn´t). The only diverging from this standard are some other games like Warmachine and the like – games that try to copy GW´s successes.
I sold (or better gave as a gift) my remaining WH40k stuff to a a guy who mentioned that he plays it a few weeks ago and showed him my 6mm sci fi armies, my 28mm sci-fi and the new 15mm sword and sorcery stuff  and he was completely surprised of that such things even existed and the prices compared to the GW (+clones) stuff. He wasn´t even aware of the WH epic scale.
What shocks me most is that DBA is today virtually unknown – one of the games that brought me into the hobby. Napoleonics are virtually unknown and ACW non existent. With the possible exception of a few collectors.
The last time I was at a dedicated (RPG) hobby store most of the minis sold there were again GW products, followed by RPG minis and a notable collection of old RP BT mechs.
I´ve got to add that the situation was a bit better the times when we had still a presence of US Armed Forces here.

So, on a global scale I would say that WH40k dominates the market by far, followed by other GW games and then several Star Wars games.

But personally, I´m with Tony and John here. I don´t give much on others in this case.

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