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Darkest Star Games

Woo boy, part of my problem is too many hobbies which makes it hard to really progress in any of them as well as dedicate time to them all within the same week or even month.

Former hobbies:  drumline, competitive surfing and skateboarding, skiing and competitive snowboarding, martial arts, motorcycle racing (cafe and classic divisions), skydiving, dune buggies, competitive shooting (pistol timed target trials, smg/rifle killhouses), drinking (not coupled with guns), volunteer house construction, and marine archaeology.

I gave up all the fun/scary/dangerous stuff when my daughter was born, and I rarely get to the beach anymore since having moved to Texas.  So current hobbies are:

Tabletop gaming, RPGs, video games, the occasional board game, scuba diving, drumming in various bands, raising an assortment of animals, marine aquariums, bass fishing, fly fishing, hiking, reading, trying to avoid gardening, and we will soon probably begin to ranch Alpaca.

Hoping to get back into motorcycles when the kids are out of high school and we move to someplace less populated, but just for tooling around and the occasional ride and not the serious racing of my youth.  Did go skydiving again the other week, but it seems a bit boring now for some reason.  I am currently in 4 bands (3 cover bands and 1 writing originals) and that has been keeping me pleasantly busy though the music scene in DFW is not what it was back in the heyday of the 90’s.  I wish my RPG got together more often, but every other month is having to do at the moment.

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