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Darkest Star Games

I don’t know about globally, but I would guess 40k is the biggest.

I think the question should be put in terms of what is being played right now, as there seems to be 2 types of gamers:

  1. Those who play what is new/hot and currently being pimped by stores and magazines (usually competitive tournament games)
  2. Those who game as a hobby and have interest in specific or varied periods and genres.

The first sort will be playing what is en-vogue at the time and then usually sell-off the stuff when interest in the game flags or it is discontinued and move on the next big thing.  The second type will keep their collections and use them for decades.

To answer Whirlwind’s question that was aimed at Mike: Yes, except for instances where a new Fantasy game is The Next Big Game from Big Name Game Company (like Warlord, GW, or CMON).  The vast majority of magazines (and “independent” websites) nowadays seem to be devoted to a specific company’s games as though they are a sort of mouth piece for that company, thus enlarging the coverage for that company’s games.  Independent and minor manufacturers will not be spotlit, especially if they cannot be found in gaming stores or on Amazon.

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