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Mike, a question for you: do you think that print and social media coverage of gaming, especially miniatures gaming, is skewed towards historical gaming and away from fantasy/SF gaming, given the assumptions made about the numbers of people playing?  I don’t mean “disliked” or “ignored”, just that the percentage coverage doesn’t reflect it.  Or is it that there is a ton of fantasy and SF stuff out there (magazines, blogs, social media stuff) that I am just not seeing?

I will attack this from a few angles.


I suspect, (cba to check tbh) that White Dwarf alone has more circulation than magazines like WSS, MW, WI et al put together.
That is of course fantasy/sci-fi so it seems to me that fantasy/sci-fi has greater print reach, but it is in house and content specific.
So whilst print may have more sci-fi content, it is not broad like the historical coverage of the others.
I have not bought any magazines in quite a while, but when I did, I don’t recall seeing any sci-fi/fantasy in any of the mags other than MW, which has to the best of my knowledge had something non-historical in every issue for yonks.
So my gut says that print reaches more sci-fi/fantasy if you include WD and their branded games.
However if looking at independent not obviously affiliated magazines, then it seems to me that historicals get way more coverage than sci-fi/fantasy.


My main haunts are here (obvs), twitter and FB.
My twitter feed for TWW is just TWW Traders, I use it to keep tabs on their news and post here if they don’t send news in, so that is not a fair gauge of what is out there.
My twitter feed for Crom’s Anvil however is more personal, having said that I just unfollowed 500+ followers on my Crom’s Anvil account as it was mostly 40k, and DnD.
Twitter from my view is mostly fantasy and sci-fi, and the vast vast majority of the sci-fi is 40k.
I have people I follow with 1000’s of followers that are all mad for 40k, and those followers oft have 1000’s of followers themself. (though it stands to reason there is some significant cross over)
My feed before removing those 500+ people was constantly updating on my screen with new sci-fi content, literally changing before my eyes.
So my experience of twitter is there is a shed load of 40k there.
Reddit also has a lot of 40k, as does FB and all the various social media platforms.
I don’t look for it, but I am seeing it everywhere, if I actively looked for GW stuff I suspect I would drown in it.

I have to echo Rhoderic and say that out there in the wider internet that 40K seems the most popular.

I’ve formed the impression that the “hidden numbers” would tip the scales heavily in favour of 40K, especially when taking into account children and teenagers where I suspect there’s a much higher incidence of miniatures wargaming than in the adult population (even taking into account that the adult population is larger), and where 40K is the natural gateway in modern times.

On a day to day basis, 40k seems the most talked about.
I am in a few FB groups that are not gaming related, but when anyone in those groups talks about miniature gaming it has always been AoS or 40k.
Many of these people are not aware as such that they are talking about wargaming, they know only GW.

When I explain to people what I do, a blankish look can often be removed by saying, ‘you know like Warhammer’, then the penny drops.