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Woah, how did you finance that all??? And how did you squeeze all the time out of one week??? Since doing a bit of racing myself I know very well how much money and time this eats alone. And even without reguarly leaving a trail of debris on the track reguarly…..

  Oh yes, it did indeed take a lot of time.  Only did it for 4 years, and mostly just on weekends.  My roommate and I had 2 bikes (one of which was also my daily vehicle as I didn’t have a car for 2 years) and we didn’t have many bills being that young!  Only wrecked once during a race, during a time trial I slid on some sand at the edge coming out of a turn while dragging a knee and did the old flip-and-fly when the tires hit the grass.  ’84 Yamaha SECA 550 ended up with bend forks and frame.  THAT took some time to correct…

“Try to avoid gardening” – that sounds like a former self of me too. But since I started to go into edible stuff I´m eager for every new year.

My wife claims she has a green thumb and likes to purchase strange and exotic plants.  And then I guess she grows bored or something and they start to die so I take over until she notices I am doing it and she jumps back in!  We tried to have a garden for veggies but there are too many critters around here to make it worthwhile between the bugs, varmints, and outright thieving mammals and birds.  And lets not mention the unpredictable North Texas weather (we had 1.5x our yearly rain total for the year in the first 4 months, and barely any drops since!  Temps are still in high 90s despite it supposedly being fall)

And regarding the Alpaca – I should introduce you to my sister. She talks (and annoys me) with that for years now….

  We might hit it off!  We have no idea what we may be getting into, but I do like learning.  I did discover that those beasties can get VERY expensive for very odd reasons, and am not quite sure you can actually make a profit from them on a continual basis.  Guess we will find out!  At least their fiber is useful and quite luxurious!

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."