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Whirlwind – StuGs available at the same time? Not come across that before. I thought that a handful made it to Tunisia (as indicated in an earlier post) but none before then?

One of the OOBs I took the notes from (in the Nafziger archive, ref 942GEMD, in turn referencing (Kriegstagbuch des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht 1940-1945, Frankfurt-am-Main, Bernard & Graefe, 1969; Mueller-Hillebrand, B., Das Heer l933-l945, Frankfurt am mein, l956 Vol I & II, Verband der Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen SS l939-l945; Tessin, G., Verbänd und Truppen der deutschen Wermacht und Waffen-SS im Zweiten Weltkrieg 1939-1945, Biblo Verlag, Osnabruck, 1977; Italy, Seconda Offensiva Britannico in Africa Settentrionale; Green, J., Mare Nostrum, The War in the Mediterranean) gives 90th Light the 707 & 708 Stug batteries (6 each).  But there are definitely mistakes in some of the OOBs, so happy to hear that it is wrong.