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Just Jack

Kyote – Damn, well how about you post some batreps then! 😉

Couple more questions for the group:

-Regarding “Jock Columns,” looks like they began with Operation Battleaxe, but when did Commonwealth forces stop using them?

-I see it referenced in Mersey’s book that the Commonwealth eventually went to combined-arms formations; is it the “Jock Columns” he’s talking about, or a more formal (permanent?) means of organization? I’m guessing they are two-different things as it doesn’t appear the Jock Columns have armor, just infantry, arty, and ATGs?

-Where are the 2-pdr portees?  And in what strength?  I.e., “they are in the AT Regiment, making up one of the batteries, while the other 2-3 batteries were towed.”

-Could I have a Jock Column with 3 rifle stands, an arty (25-pdr) stand, and an ATG stand (all with organic motor transport)?  And then have an attached battalion of armor from the ‘Army’ tank brigade, with 3 (infantry) tank stands?  They’d be two different formations/units, but on the same battlefield.  And then maybe another three (cruiser) tank stands from a battalion of a nearby RTR?

You guys are really amazing, thanks so much for sharing this wealth of knowledge with me, you’ve made my life so much easier, which means I can get them on the tabletop sooner and post some batreps!