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Ivan Sorensen

The toolkit will be delayed for a while yet. I still haven’t resolved the difficulties I spoke of above and me trying to force it only resulted in sub-optimal material, unfortunately.
I’m sorry this has ended up dragging out. As I said before, in part its because I didn’t anticipate that HoD would be so well received, which led me to go back and re-evaluate everything about Squad Hammer and its core aspects.

Additionally, the RPG project I am working on has ended up being a tentacle monster of time sink, that I did not anticipate to be so extensive.

The “special project” is a fan project that is definitely tied to a galaxy far far away. I’m seeing if I might get a hold of it.

So holding pattern for now, which I apologize for.
On a more immediate note however: I have largely come to the conclusion that the Support Points mechanic should be backported into Squad Hammer Core as an official system.
What was originally intended as a fairly separate add-on has come I think to really emphasize the strengths of the system.

How do you two feel about that? If so, that’s something that can happen fairly immediately so an updated version can be made available.

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