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telzy amber

This https://resintomb.blogspot.com/2018/03/a-sengoku-monster-hunter-review.html is a review of A&A’s Sengoku monster hunter game.

D&D, in all it’s infinite varieties, is a monster hunter game. Heck I think that new one… what’s it called… oh yeah “Burning Sands” might work.

Are you looking for a method of locating the monster, tracking it down, then killing it? You’re in the bar/tavern/inn and you hear rumours about a monster. You go out, interrogate the villagers, collect information, track it down, and kill it. Isn’t this just like The Department but monsters instead of replicates… oh wait…  Or 2HWG 5150 New Hope City PI or his new one where you are a cop?