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Brendan Morrissey

Having recently read the two books on the AZW by Lt Col Mike Snook (How can man die better and Like wolves on the fold) I would say your original ratio of 1 ‘shooty’ to 3-4 ‘stabbies’ is about right for Isandlwhana, but 1 to 5-6 would be more appropriate for Rorke’s Drift.  Snook suggests that the ‘shooties’ were kept in separate units and used to skirmish in the open field, or snipe at defenders in a fixed position – worth noting that all the British fatalities at Rorke’s Drift, apart from a few people cut down when trying to escape from the hospital, were shot.  Without knowing Zulu ammunition expenditure, it’s impossible to say how effective/efficient their shooting was, but it shouldn’t be negligible.