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Gillies Sim

In a word no, although on their forum there are a number of folk who talk about using ArtsCow to print out sets. You can find some user made sets on that site, as far as I know they print out the set and send it to you? not sure how it works.

For example: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/playing-cards/iabsm-axis-generic-cards-wargame-02nlz3hq1ymo

Personally I’m following a certain Mr Derek Hodge (http://dereksweetoys.com/chips-with-everything/) and going with MDF chips as I tend to agree the shuffling of cards is more frustrating than picking up chips!

Also John Bond (http://iagsmgm.blogspot.com/2015/06/iabsm-card-deck.html) has his own card deck option which I rather like too!

Hope some of that is helpful!