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Guy Farrish

Yes. Sorry, I meant to say that earlier – like Dark Star I like the mix of troop types in a unit -something I remember you were looking to do with rules earlier in this project.

The mix of bows and melee troops in the same unit was one of the things I liked a lot in Peter Pig’s Bloody Barons; same stable as Battle in the Age of War. I confess there are other bits I liked less and maybe if I had been bothered I would have tried tweaking them as you did with these.

I’ve been messing about trying to get a system to work that mixes troop types and quality and has ‘big men’ as special characters who made significant differences in melee ever since reading Whirlwind’s piece about Otterburn. I’ll dig Bloody Barons out and have a look. I see you took them out of Age of War! I don’t want single combat per se but the impact of well armed, armoured and ‘motivated’ individuals does seem to have been significant in some European battles. I don’t want supermen though!

Japanese troops look so good in this period.

Very enjoyable read, Thanks.