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Jeff Wasileski

Thanks for all the kinds words.

Thomaston, the three main character figures are from Hero Forge, they are some type of plastic.  Regarding the report itself, I just strung the significant events into a narrative rather than trying to do a turn by turn description.  For example, the fight against the Gnoll Sergeant lasted several turns of back and forth hits.

Gone Fishing, I love the Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago/Rangers of Shadow Deep rules family.  It’s my go-to rule set for small skirmish and even full blown RPG session, see for example these campaign write-ups:


I find it quick-playing with the rules easy to remember but with a lot of tactical feel.  They are very versatile as well.  I’ve used ROSD for a Star Wars game recently:



And Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago for several Elizabethan fantasy games that I’ve run at conventions: