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Thorsten Frank

Great review!!!! I really fell in love with Burning Sands already after the first read through.

Because I’m a hide-bound, Luddite old fool who likes something clenched in his sinewy hands, by Crom! But maybe I’ll need to change. Could it be possible?

I really prefer still prefer paper. One can call me old-fashioned. But a good eBook reader or tablet can be an alternative. And besides printing them out yourselve, which get´s quite expensive if you aren´t lucky enough to have an laser printer,  it´s quite handy if you´ve got a printing shop nearby. And I´m lucky to have one (quite a larger one on the border to a printing house). There are several pros for this: for a “cheaper” (in terms of money) I can get a colour print for 50 pages in A4 for 11 Euro and for 6 Eurons in Black and White. Completely professionally bound. It get´s even cheaper if I have several different PDF´s to print. Hardcover is a bit more expensive. So, for a PDF like Burning Sands I could get a soft cover print for a similar price as if I would buy it as a book.

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