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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’m pleased it reads well as this was my first attempt at a review (and using a forum to boot)!

As for the PDF debate – I’m also not much of a fan of them however they are useful in several ways. First if I’m out and waiting somewhere I can have a read on my phone, then there’s the option to print it out and finally the option to have it made into a book by some dedicated companies.
Also in this case £6 for a rule set is just pretty good.

And there was mention of gaming in other scales so to to chip in my tuppence worth on the subject – I think most games can be rescaled if you have the appropriate space. So using Burning sands as the example, everything is 15mm and uses 2ft x 2ft. If you want to use 28mm then i think its not unreasonable to round that up and call it 30mm which is now twice the size of the 15mm start point so just double all the values. 4×4 playing area, every centimetre is now 2 etc… The only downside is you’ll be missing out on using the rather nice official Burning sands range.