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Thanks guys, I didn’t know there were so many options.

Rogue Planet – looks interesting, I’m liking the reaction and no range along with some other stuff.

Rogue Stars – I was kind of interested until I watched a few gameplay on youtube, I was baffled by all the specal attributes the players listed off for each models.

Ghost Of Hefei/The Department – also looks interesting. Will have to read the AAR on here again.

I totoally forgot about NWG as well, I have 5 Parsecs Salvage Crew and reread it, it’s a strong contender for the soloability. Wasn’t interested in Renegade scout when it came out (same with War Story), will have to look into that. I like the activation of the new vesion of these games, makes a turn a little less predictable.
Which (Salvage Crew/Gang Warfare vs Renegade Scout) would you say is closer to Necromunda in terms of character progression and gang management?

Mutants & Death Ray Guns – pretty sure I have this, will have to read it again.

5150 – THW rules suffer the same problem as Genesha’s, too few stats so any improvements had to be special skill/rules. They were my first considerations because of the simple rules but there’s not enough depth in gang management for what I’m looking for.

Core Space – this was a surprise. Just watched a play through a turn on youtube and it shot up to the top of the list because of the items and character card. I like the weapon stats and items character can carry but I’ll have to check the post game portion.

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