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Thorsten Frank

Will have to read the AAR on here again. I totoally forgot about NWG as well, I have 5 Parsecs Salvage Crew and reread it, it’s a strong contender for the soloability. Wasn’t interested in Renegade scout when it came out (same with War Story), will have to look into that. I like the activation of the new vesion of these games, makes a turn a little less predictable. Which (Salvage Crew/Gang Warfare vs Renegade Scout) would you say is closer to Necromunda in terms of character progression and gang management?

Difficult to answer for me because my eperience with Necromunda is limited – but from my feeling Gang Warfare comes closer and is IMHO better moddable. But Renegade Scout comes very close too.
A very nice one from the rules side is Outlands. It´s some kind of Borderlands on the board. The con´s on this one it´s primarily designed competitive and have (or at least I haven´t seen them) any “gang” mechanics for campaigns. But, after the 5P games Outlands are my favourite sci-fi rules currently.

Core Space – this was a surprise. Just watched a play through a turn on youtube and it shot up to the top of the list because of the items and character card. I like the weapon stats and items character can carry but I’ll have to check the post game portion.

I´m watching and want this one for a while now. From the YT perspective they look absolute fantastic. And the perspective to combine the various Battlesystem components is freaking me out. But the price…. On the other hand if I look how much money I´ve alread spend over the years.

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