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Wouter Wolput

Thank you everyone!

I do have a lot of 28mm World of Twilight as well and they’re probably the last miniatures of that scale I’m ever going to get rid of.

It’s a great game and well worth checking out. While it has a great range, of not only soldiers but also a lot of civilians and wildlife (something that’s rarely done for wargames), it’s true charm is the ruleset in my opinion. Many games claim to be very tactical but they’re seldomly different from the rest out there, while World of Twilight is exactly that. Instead of casting dice, you’re throwing stones (which adds to the savage feel of the game) and there are many abilities that let you recast them. So the game relies less on luck and more on maneuvering and getting a good command structure (you want to be able to move everyone if necessary) while not exposing yourself to much. And while it’s a skirmish game, the same rules can handle larger scale combat easily as well. It’s also a narrative, scenario driven game with currently over 50 different missions.

Sorry about me rambling on about ๐Ÿ˜.