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Dave Crowe

Raid Number Six

Primary Target :Infrastructure
Secondary Target: Factories

Strategy Cards
German – storms (bit useless at this stage)
British – ARP

Order of Battle

GB3 (already eliminated)
GB6 x3 Ju88
GF1 x1 Me 110
GF2 x1 Me 110

BF1 (already eliminated)
BF6 x3 Spitfires

~~~Now on with the Battle~~~

Well actually no, wait a minute. I’ve got sad news. It’s all over. I actually rolled two already eliminated British units. So this raid should be an automatic win for the Germans. But then the boy still wanted to play so I gave him his Spitfires. But then (this is what I get for cheating) the Germans go and win this one anyway, and thus the game is over and the Germans won and history is rewritten. Poo!

I’ll give you the whole run down of the game just to show you how it fell out but I’m not going all historical fiction on it because don’t worry there’ll be more to come after this as I couldn’t let the boy’s first foray into air combat gaming be a sad let down so we replayed it and I’ll write that one up in full story style. But Officially it’s over and goes down as a German victory so we’ll talk about that later and I’ll give you the brief AAR of that now.

So now,

~~~On with the Battle~~~

The German formation was coming in faster than usual with the new Ju88s moving that extra hex per turn

so the spits wasted no time in closing in for a full frontal attack. But they were pretty strung out by some inconsistency in their dice rolls

and although the first two fell upon the lead bomber unopposed they didn’t knock him out.

All they managed was a bit of damage to the leader and to scatter the formation but not before he got a bit of payback with some smart defensive gunnery.

And then the waiting Me 110s pounced and…


Bam, in quick succession the RAF were in serious trouble.
The last spitfire undaunted made to hit back but was caught by a last desperate defensive shot by the Me 110’s rear gunner

and that was all she wrote.

Three Spits downed for a single Me 110 leaving all 3 Ju 88s alive to go on and finish the job. And seeing as how the target has only 6 points left even if all 3 bombers rolled snake eyes it’d still be enough to win the game. So that was it, game over for the Brits.


Well the boy was bummed out. So was I to be honest. Not the way you want to win in the final game but it happens I guess.

So a few days later we had another go at it but this time we’d added one crucial difference. Next time the RAF will be joined by

Looking forward to doing a proper AAR for that one soon.