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Just Jack

Kyote John – Thanks man, and yeah, I like having my Keepers on the table! 😉

Whirlwind John – My pleasure, and IABSM works great for me when playing solo; the reason I don’t use it more often is because I tend to use it with larger games than I typically like to play.  Regarding Chain of Command and Troops, Weapons, and Tactics, I don’t have TW&T and have never played it, so cant’ compare there, and while I’m a big fan of the Chain of Command rules, I think they’ve got some really great mechanisms and concepts, I’ve played about half a dozen solo games with them and I just can’t get them to work.  Mostly it’s the fact there are actually too many decision points (which really bog the game down as I like to come up with various courses of action for my enemy and then roll to see which one to go with), the fact that the variable activation (based on the command dice) is too interactive (great for game vs a human opponent, not great for when you’re trying to outsmart yourself), and tactical surprise has too big a role in the game (again, great vs a human, not so great when you’re trying to decide to go after someone’s jump-off point, or when to spring an ambush, etc…).

Mark – Thank you, and I agree, the activation system is fantastic for solo gaming.