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agent pumpkin

I have This is Not a Test by Worlds End Publishing. The physical book is quite pricey, but can be got from North Star Figures. The .pdf  is good value.

TnT is a post-apocalypse game and is very good. Its almost a mix of Fallout and Necromunda. You create gangs  from various types, buy armour, hand weapons, big guns and go kill the opponents guys.  It has a nice way that it deals with turn order/initiative.I like how it plays especially the campaign. You get that similar leveling up as Necromunda with skills and things.

With a bit of work on the background you could change it to any kind of world you want.

This is not a Test has some “Lets Play” on youtube.  My favourite being https://youtu.be/w3pO7X8SLeE   by Guerrilla Miniature Games, it’s difficult not to get caught up in their enthusiasm!