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When the motivation takes me I generally can paint a few evenings per week, but I notice a pattern to my work. My year begins in September, when school starts, and I will usually be productive. October is very minimal due to work deadlines, organizing a school trip abroad and just stress. I haven’t touched a miniature this month, but hope to this coming weekend. November is likely to also be unproductive with only a couple of evenings over the course of the month. December is always okay, as I have school break for 2 weeks and a wind down week before Christmas. I generally get a bunch of stuff done. From then on I can fairly steadily spend a couple of evenings per week painting or gaming alone. As the evenings get lighter I can prime more miniatures outside and be more productive with May and June generally being my most productive of the year.

But yeah, evenings, a couple of times per week is then I slot time in.