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Tony S

The biggest boon to my painting has been the invention of the PVR and reality television.   The PVR, because during hockey season I can paint and watch the game, but easily rewind to catch something exciting.  Reality television, because I can “watch” it with my wife, as I have a little table and painting tray so I paint in front of the TV.  I really don’t mind if I miss a lot of those style of shows, so I can paint away merrily!  And I guess podcasts have helped too – when there’s not a game, I can listen to a podcast or two while painting.

I’ve met with my group every Sunday morning for at least 25 years, so as gaming goes I’m quite happy!

As for actually painting, also for years I make it a habit to always, always do something hobby related each and every day.  At best, it’s an hour or more of painting.  At worst, I prime a figure or two!  But now that my kids are grown up, I have set aside 9 o’clock as my painting hour.  Sometimes it’s more puttering than painting, but hey – hobbies are supposed to be fun, not a mandated job!