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Cheers Rhoderic!

Painting them as they are is one way of doing it, certainly. But, I would attempt to drill out the plugs though and I’ll tell you why…

The cars are far easier to strip an prep for repainting because you can just dip the metal parts in the stripper without worrying about ruining the plastic base and wheels.

The act of drilling the nub is pretty simple, use a vice or grip to hold the car in place. Then I used a 5mm drill bit and just applied firm pressure to the centre of the nub with the drill. Use a car you don’t mind damaging to practise on and you’ll get a feel of how much you need to push down with the drill. All you need to do it shave off the top mushroom part of the thread, so it’s a relatively small amount of metal. I used a power drill (Black and Decker style), but I also did my first one with a Dremel, this just took a little longer and wasn’t as powerful. It’s just a case of practise and not worrying about screwing up the first time. AND DON’T FORGET TO MAKE SURE TO GRIP THE CAR TIGHT!!!

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