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I can share info on what I have:

Scotia – I only have post war South Africans, they work fine, but are slender, and didn’t have a lot of poses.  The standing figs are consistently 7mm tall.

C in C – Decent sculpts, but very slender with very weak ankles. If they were a harder/stiffer metal, I would be okay with them, as is, they are easily damaged. Typically 6.5-7mm tall.

Old H&R – A touch shorter than C inC, but nicely detailed and proportioned, particularly for the age.  Not quite as crisp as C inC or GHQ, but I still like them just fine.  They typically measure  6-6.5mm with most closer to 6mm.

New H&R – I have a bunch of the new modern H&R. I think that all of the WWII I just received were still all old castings.  Taller than old H&R, similar in style, but maybe a touch more angular in detailing, if that makes any sense.  They measure around 7mm tall.  Between price, quality, and range of poses and nationalities available, these are my go to for micro scale infantry.

GHQ – Nicely detailed, clean cast and quite tall. They are very nice figs, but more than twice as much as H&R in cost.  They measure at least 7.5mm and up to 8mm occasionally.  They are not 9-12mm tall as I have read  in the past, I just measured figs from 7 different armies, WWII and post war.

With the exception of Scotia, all of the measured heights were taken from at least three different armies for each manufacturer, measuring from bottom of feet to top of head/helmet/hat.

A six foot tall person should stand 6.09mm in 1/300 or 6.41mm in 1/285 with out foot or head gear.

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