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Piyan Glupak

For about a year I changed from DBA 2.2+ being my ancients wargame of choice to Triumph!, although I have since started doing other things.  I really enjoyed the early access versions, but when the final version came out, I had a game with a wargaming friend in another part of the country.  All was going well until his Hittite chariots did not quick-kill a base of my skirmishers (psiloi in DBA terms).  This was new to the final version.  He was not pleased, and I decided to write my own DBA replacement.

If you like DBA, there is a very good chance that you will like Triumph!, especially if you like versions earlier than DBA version 3.  Although there are aspects that I am not particularly keen on (possibly due to it being written with tournament play in mind) they give a good game, with armies often (but not always) slightly larger than DBA armies.  There are quite a few more troop types.  Some aspects of the troop types really impressed me, although some others not quite so much.  There are very many features of the rules that impressed me.  Triumph! seems to have been written as a serious (but enjoyable) quick-play set of ancients rules.  The authors seem to be supporting the rules well with a forum and an extensive on-line database of army lists.  Many of the features of later versions of DBA that some see as gimmicks are not included.