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Al the above are true so I’ll only add a few more things I noticed.

I’d only recommend H&R new infantry. Their old range were to scale and can be a little delicate, the new one is more in line with scifi 6mm scales, chunkier sculps.

Next up would be Baccus, these are similar to H&R. I haven’t compared them side by side but like Martin said they’re bigger than H&R. They’re not as clean though it has that Baccuss rouchness to it, which might be good if it fits your painting style.

GHQ are nice and detailed. I used to really like them but they’re 8-9mm tall and have gorilla arms. Once I’ve noticed the strqange way they hold weapons I couldn’t unsee it.

New H&R compared to KR16 scifi.
I couldn’t find my stash of Baccus and GHQ WWII.

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