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Norm S

28mm is probably the industry’s preferred scale …… at the moment!  It dominates all media and the shows. It also dominates the hobby bricks and mortars store. The current sets of rulebooks seem to deliberately support the bigger scale or at least use it for illustrations.

If one accepts that these people are ‘following the money’ then by implication, 28mm is pretty entrenched as a popular scale …. or at least the one that is generating more money at the moment. I imagine that in 1995, 15mm was generating the most cash.

In some ways, in 2019, it hardly matters what you personal choice is, via the internet, you will be quite well supported. Step out of the inter-web and it is quite different. The Wargame magazines mostly give an impression of there being just one scale, with both content and advertisers suggesting so.

the supply for the smaller scale ‘fancier’ is much more fragile that the bigger scales. If one of the smaller scale suppliers halted production for any reason, that would have a far bigger effect than if one of the 28mm suppliers did – even the main ones.

There are supporters of the smaller scales putting up articles on the internet, but frankly, you rather have to hunt for them, while you will trip over posts etc for 28mm stuff.

I suppose for all of us there are questions that will form opinion and push the direction of sales;

Are you playing with armies you built 10 – 20 years ago and happy with that?

Are you planning a new army and if so what scale will you be buying in?

What are your gaming friends playing?

Do you like modelling and painting?

What limitations does your storage and game surface give?

If Mike shows me a new game of (say) Bolt action that needs thirty figures and one tank and it gives a fun game – do I still want to grow armies that have a battalion of armour trundling across the table?

If I show Mike my new force of 30 T-72’s, is he going to go away in awe and do something similar, or would he just prefer to add a jeep and an armour car to his Bolt Action game?

There are die hard small scallers going to 28mm and there are ardent 28’ers downsizing to 10mm and out of all of this is an industry that somehow manages to make out lead mountains grow.

So after all of that, I tend to feel that in the last 5 years my favoured scale of 10mm / 12mm is supported but not loved or admired by the extended hobby, that I am on the outside track looking in, largely invisible at wargame shows, definitely invisible in the magazines. But then I look at the new 10’s coming out in plastic from Victrix and Gripping Beast and suddenly I feel that the next 5 years may be a bit brighter – as this industry is just as much a victim of fashion as anything else.


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