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Tony S

I’ve played Seven Days and Cold War Commander, and quite enjoyed both.  Seven Days is a bit “lighter”; CWC is a bit more crunchy.  Quite honestly, I don’t prefer one over the other.  They both have lots of command friction, which I quite like.  Which is why I don’t particularly like Team Yankee.  TY is quite popular at the club I must admit, but it leaves me, er, cold.

I’ve also played Fistful of TOWs, but wasn’t too enamoured of that ruleset either.

At the skirmish level, I’ve also played a some Force on Force.  There is a good game in those rules somewhere, but although we liked playing it, sometimes it was difficult wading through them.  Lately we’ve played Nordic Weasel’s “No End in Sight” and really liked them.  A lot faster and cleaner, yet felt “right”.