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Brian Handley

John D Salt,  I had not thought about it that way.   Your wargames list is  to me the worst ever wargames  except Lionel Tarrs and pehaps Phil Barkers WWII, all  epitomise the worst (to me)  wargames.  What you state as the diffrence minatures to board games, to me is just a definition of awful wargame to a decent one.

To me a boargame is when the board is like a map, the terrain on a tile is characterised for the whole of that area.  I start thinking a game is a boargame in the Moderbn period,  where the figure to groundscale is out by more than about 10:1.  For Ancients I guess 20:1 is more relevant as models don’t pack as close even at 1;1 model to gound scale.   Most 1/72 minis won’t fit through a 1/72 scale door.

Admittedly there are strange ones.  Advanced  Squad leader is to me a minatures game in essence as the hex is not uniform, placement of the Fig/marker is key within the hex so is to me a minature game.

The standard of measurement does not to me destinguish board to minature game.  Though personaly I dislike hex movement in minatures.  Again Advanced Squad Leader gets away with it but at a high price in complexity (ASL is too hard for me, by the time I was on the second page, it was no-longer English but almost phone text, so many acronyms.  But again TLR’s are nor directly a Boargame feature,